Marene is convinced that designers can contribute to solving social problems by working interdisciplinary.
Her projects usually starts with a waste stream that she sees as a (new) resource. 
To start any scalable projects, Marene seeks connections between waste flows and design. This can be through industrial symbiosis; the residual flows from one company become the raw material of another company, or Marene processes the flows itself into new raw material. By learning to use old and new binding techniques, she discovers what form(s) the waste material can take.
And by using a property list she discovers and creates undiscovered properties to put value to a worthless material.   
She believes that if we start designing from a material and its function - and not from a user need or an aesthetic point of view - better products can be developed in a world where recources are becoming scarcer and more expensive, while waste continues to increase.

Image by Toa Heftiba